Eternal Love – Behind the Scene

Ini dia beberapa foto Behind the Scene film Eternal Love, yang saya rampok dari photo album-nya Bahana Damayana. Hehehe.

Check them out:

Dat Chair!

Location: 4L Studio


Cast and Crew Briefing (I guess)

Dandan Dulu

Ini bukan untuk syuting iklan kosmetik loh 😀

Dat Scene!

Ooo… girl you’re gonna die! LOL!

Le Actress

Meet the Actress! Isn’t she lovely?

Dandanin dulu ya

Walau jadi mayat harus tetep cantik 😀

Beautiful Death

Gilang Rausin and Febby Gozal. Are they engaged already? 😀

Lovely Couple

Photo still yang cocok dijadiin poster.

OMG! They’re Alive!

Barricade Yourself! Zombie Invasion Is Beginning! :O


Trio Zombie 😀

Dead People Posing 😀

Happy Family

Aren’t they sweet?

With The Director

Le Infamous Mr. Damayana


Happy Gilang is Happy

Post Production

Busy Team!

The Girls

The Artistic, The Producer, and The Actresses

The Guys

The Cinematographer, The Actor, The Director, The Editor, The Lead Actor


Happy Bana is Happy 😀

Cast and Crew

Entire Cast and Crew! Thank you guys! You all did a good job!


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